Scott Gray - 12

85CC 9-11

I am 11 years old, from New Jersey, and have been racing for 3 years.

I started riding when my dad bought me my first honda crf50. I then went to a KTM50 that I started to race. The following season I was on a Ktm65 That is when we discovered that I have visual perception I have been doing therapy since I was 9 to learn to work with having this. Visual Perception is a form of Dyslexia that I will have for the rest of my life, Because I have visual perception I have to work even harder at things that come easy to others but I don’t mind because riding a dirt bike is the most important thing to me if it has 2 wheels and a motor i am good to go. I am currently on a KTM85 and I still ride my 65 also. I haven’t raced much but I ride all the time so I can keep practicing. My family takes me to Raceway Park and to Breezewood Proving Grounds a lot to ride and I have done most of the youth races at Raceway Park and a few district 34 races there also. I have done the youth race at Breezwood along with a few outlaw races. I also like to race BMX, build Legos and watch Supercross.

Evey year I hope to get better and better with my riding. I try and give it my all riding is what I love to do.


Dunlop Tires
DeCal Works
Scotts Porting

Raceway Park youth series I was 6th in points.
Breezewood proving grounds youth race I took 4th place.