Roman White - 100

65CC 10-11 STOCK & 65CC/85CC 9-11 JR MINI

I am 10 years old from New Jersey and have been racing since the age of 6.

Every year I focus on improving different skills, which helps me improve my speed. I may not be the fastest every time at the track, but I always try my best.

Current Sponsors:

  • MotocrossVest
  • Leatt Brace
  • Bob White Fence Co. LLC
  • MxZen


2015 Accomplishments:

  • Ultimate Series Champion for 65cc 7-9 Stock and 65cc / 85cc 9-11 Junior Mini
  • District 34 Champion 65cc 7-9 Stock and 2nd place 65cc / 85cc 9-11 Junior Mini
  • Made it to LL Regionals