Miley Sitler - 04

50 CC & 51cc 4-6

I’m 5 yrs old, a girl, and ready to kick some butt! ????????????

“Moto Princess” Started on a PW50 when I was 2 years old and broke my first bone trying to jump with training wheels on my bike! My first race was March of 2015, I was 4 yrs old the only girl and placed 2nd ???? From that day forward racing was all I wanted to do! I have just moved up to a KTM Pro Jr and 2015 Cobra Jr. See what this year has to bring!

2016 Motorama (Harrisburg, PA)
2 x 3rd Place 50cc 4 to 6
5th place 50cc 4 to 8

2015 Rider of the year (Pagoda MC)
2015 Points Champion (Pagoda MC Mini Track 4 to 6)