Mason Raynor - 713

50 cc KTM Pro Jrc and Cobra Jr

Born to Ride!
My name is Mason Raynor. I am 7 years old and going into the 2nd grade at B F Grady Elementary School! I love to ride and race my dirt bike. I also enjoy piano lessons, baseball, and football but racing is my passion.

I got my first dirt bike when i was 2 years old and began racing when I was 3. When I first started racing I raced in the woods (hairscramblers). Then I found a local motocross series called CCMX and started racing with that series.
2015 was my first year trying to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s. It was so much fun. In the first moto I won the holeshot award and 1st place. In the second moto I won 2nd place. In the 3rd moto I was battling for the overall win and on the last lap my chain broke. I got a dnf in moto 3 but still came out 10th overall. Not bad for my first time.

In 2015 I also attented mini o’s and placed 8th overall (was always running top 3 and had some bad crashes).

In 2016 I started the qualifying process to attend Lorettas again. In the area and regional qualifiers that I attended this year I finished 2nd or better each time. I qualified to participate at lorettas in 2 classes. The 51cc 4-6 limited class and the 51cc 4-6 special limited class. I decided to go for some redemption from 2015 and try to win the title I lost!! And I did it!

I went 2-1-1 at Lorettas this year winning the National Championship! Its been a great year for me so far!

The next major race I plan to attend is Mini O’s in November! My goal is to win or at least podium there this year! I cant wait!!