Kevyn Magalhaes De Pinho - 2

50CC 4-6 , 50CC 4-8

Hi my name is Kevyn M. De Pinho , I’m 6 years old and I’m from Croydon,PA.

I’m a MX rider for national ,regional and local races. I’m began riding when I was 2 years old,and I start to race when I was 4 years old local races only , but then last year I started to race regionals and Nationals also.

Here are some of my results:

2015 Loretta Lynn’s : 20th
2015 Kawasaki race of champions: 2nd
2015 mini’os : 18th
2016 Ams oil Arenacross: 2nd (Baltimore MD)
2016 Motorama : 1st and 2nd
2016 Ams oil Arenacross: 3rd (Greensboro NC)
2016 Daytona super cross: 5th
2016 Oak hill: 2nd ,5th and 9th
2016 Freestone: 5th and 9th


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