Jayce Cashdollar - 711

50 7-8 , 4-8 & 65 7-9, 7-11

I am Jayce Cashdollar AKA “Holeshot king” My first race was January 2012 when I was just 4 years old and I finished with a 3rd place finish. My parents realized shortly after that I possessed a talent. People who know me know that I have NO fear. I love to go fast and hit big jumps. I recently won the KTMJRSX challenge in St Louis and became well known for my victory dance after taking the checkered flag. I am excited that I will be competing Monstercup in Las Vegas in October.

Baha Brawl
8th 4-8 51cc , 12 7-8 51cc
50/85 Sundance National
1st 8-9 51cc, 2nd 4-9 51cc, 2nd 6-8 65
5th Loretta Lynns South Central Area Qualifier
2014 Highlights
Loretta Lynns Amateur National
4th 4-6 51cc Special Limited
Loretta Lynns Amateur Regional qualifier
1st 4-6 51cc Special Limited
James Stewart Spring Championship
5th 4-8 51cc SMS