Jaden Palmer - 804

50CC 7-8 AND 65CC 7-9

Jaden Palmer 2016 Arlington TX KTM JRSX Champion.

This is Jaden Palmer, 9 yrs old from Hammonton New Jersey. He started riding at 2 yrs old and racing by 4. Jaden trains a few days a week at local tracks as well as his very own motocross track. Most recently he’s become know for his KTM JRSX win followed by his viral “whip nae nae” victory dance. His win has been featured on Fox Sports News, Transworld Motocross, Racer X Magazine, Monster Energy Supercross online, and KTM USA, just to name a few! That’s not all Jaden has accomplished in his 5 years racing, he has many titles, state championships, youth motocross championships, hare scramble championships, as well as a first place moto finish at Loretta Lynn’s 2014. Jaden’s goals for this season are to have podium finishes at Loretta Lynn’s, Mini O’s, and Monster Energy Cup just to name a few. He will practice often, race hard, and most importantly have fun along the way!