Jack Rowell - 221

65 CC

Jack Rowell is 9 years old and started riding motorcycles in 2014.

Jacks desire to race began not long after receiving his first motorcycle, and with a bit of convincing he successfully talked his parents into letting him work towards racing. Jacks dad built a motocross track at their house, and Jack rides/trains as often as possible. With only one race under his belt which took place at the conclusion of the 2015 season there is much to learn.

Jack will compete in the 65cc class during the 2016 season as a 9 year old. He has a large number of goals, however his primary race goal for the season is to place in the top half of the field every time he competes, and to score some top fives at the conclusion of the 2016 season. Other goals such as honing riding technique, particularly proper body position, proper clutch usage to build power, and aggressive riding, are all area’s of continued focus during the 2016 year.

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