Izzy Barron - 112

50CC 4-6 Stock 50CC 4-6 Special Limited 50CC 4-6 Shaft Drive

Regional and local racer working to make it into the national scene

6yr old from Philadelphia Pennsylvania that loves motocross and almost any type of sport or competition. Started racing before turning 5yrs old and currently in his 2nd full season of racing. Last year qualifying for the Lorreta Lynn’s northeast regional in the 50cc 4-6 shaft drive and 50cc limited class. also qualified for the mideast regional in the 50cc 4-6 shaft drive. Received awards at the end of the season for 2nd,3rd,and3rd in the 50cc stock 50cc air cooled and 50cc pw4-6 classes at pagoda motorcycle club. This year Izzy will again be trying to make it to Lorreta Lynn’s in one of the 4-6 classes.

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