Brenner Lammens - 13

4-6 50cc and 4-8 50cc

Brenner is a well-rounded 6 Year Old Athlete & Cobra Canada Motocross Rider.

Brenner is from Ontario and is a multi-faceted, talented kid. He is a great student & focused athlete with a no quit attitude. He loves God, His Mom, Dad, little sister Isla & his friends. Brenner especially loves Motocross & Hockey. After a very successful 2015 we are all excited to see what 2016 has in store for him!
Birch Creek LL Area Qualifier 1st Overall
Malvern LL Area Qualifier. 1st Overall

Red Bud Regional 4th Overall. Lead for 1st overall after 2nd Moto & a Win in 2nd moto

Sponsors : MX Zen, Cobra Canada, Gopher Dunes, Fox Canada, Oakley, Arbonne, MxSchools & Frankfit