Blaine Allsop - 916

50SS LIMITED, 50JR 4-6

I’m a 6 year old pushing to achieve my goals I set for 2016! ????????✊????

I’m from Michigan. I starting ride a pw50 at 2 1/2 years old and started racing the week I turned 4 on a KTM 50. I train as much as possible (can be hard when living in Michigan) and always push myself to ride better each and every time.
I have a 2 KTM 50sx mini and a KTM 50sxs.

2014- D14-9th overall
2015-D14- 6th overall

Goals: 2016
Top 10 Loretta Lynn’s
Top 10 Mini Os
Canada National
2017 KTM challenge top 10