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MX Antix

MX Antix is aimed at Junior & Mini motocross riders all over the world. We like to cover all things MX – events, international & local riders, products and general information.

We help organise all of the New Zealand MX Coaching Schools for Greg Moss from the Moss Institute in Australia.
MX Antix also runs a Junior & Mini Motocross team in New Zealand as well as having a team on the west coast of America – you can see our American link on fb at ‘MX Antix USA’.

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My Schooling Choices

Providing parents peace of mind using non-traditional education options.
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Collinsville Community Library

Welcome our new Partner Collinsville Community Library. The library will be collaborating with MX Zen in support of education, enrichment programs, homeschool, and youth sports. Collinsville also provides workspace and meeting space for Founder Erika Born. Erika will also record her podcasts from Collinsville.

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MX Listings is striving to become the place to buy, sell, and promote everything related to motocross.

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Callahan MX School

Jack Rhodes MX Mind Magic Training

Do you really want to be the best that you can be?

It’s far higher than you think and Jack can help get you there!

This Training is Light Years Ahead of Sports Psychology

Can you do great in practice? But, you don’t do so good when you race.

Jack can solve that problem!

This is known as performance anxiety and is probably the most common negative mental/emotional condition that occurs among amateur motocrossers, but there are others.

Check out his video on YouTube:

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Linge Training Academy

Gary is a sports performance coach specialising in the areas of technique, confidence, youth development & empowerment. Certified through the John Maxwell University, he has worked with athletes all across Europe and the U.S who are serious about making improvements, working closely with motocross riders at the highest level in MXGP and AMA pro championships and gaining Amateur/Youth championships on national and regional levels, many riders working with him have been chosen to represent their countries at the European and Junior world championships.

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Zen Athlete

Discover the Little Known Mental Training Tactics, Strategies and Secrets of History’s Greatest Athletes!

In this one of a kind program you’re going to learn how to unlock every last ounce of your potential, progress extremely quickly and do it in the safest way possible!

The Zen Athlete program will empower you with the training and strategies used by history’s greatest athletes to achieve their best from Olympians to professional athletes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg because all of these techniques are modified and simplified specifically for extreme sports athletes, easy to use and are proven scientifically to work regardless of skill level or body type. Keep in mind if you’re overweight with literally no talent it may take some time to get good, however this is literally the secret sauce to superhuman performance. Talent alone can only take you so far but with dedication and proper training the sky truly is the limit!

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Dark Horse Pros


Turn your dreams into your reality.


We offer you a way to get back to doing what you love most — being an athlete.

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Senge Graphics

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Antidote 4 Insanity

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MOTOMUCK is a KIWI brand which was started due to the huge demand for an effective bike cleaner that really works.

All of you know the chore of cleaning bikes, and to be able to do this without having to use a brush or high pressure cleaner- what a bargain.

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Moto Tape

If you ain’t grippin you’re slippin… Get the extra grip you need.

Please Contact – with any order issues or questions.

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Allegan Motorsports

Allegan Motorsports was founded on having fun, enjoying time with family and friends as well as supporting the motocross community

We are privileged to work hand and hand with Cobra Factory in helping develop some of the top riders in the country as well as build some of the fastest engines for these riders. Read more

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Venom MX

Venom Racing is an authorized “Podium Status Cobra Dealer. Their online Store provides a wide selection of new Cobra parts, accessories, and more. They have a national youth motocross team, Lil Outlaws.

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Sandbox Kings

The SandBox Kings are about integrity and loyalty. Two traits which have become a little too rare these days. With eye catching designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction it’s not hard to stay loyal to the SBK Family. A heavy supporter of amateur motocross racing, Mike McInerney is the man who has unleashed the style forward juggernaut that is Sandbox Kings.

In just twelve short months Sandbox Kings has emerged as a game changer in the motocross industry receiving brand recognition from coast to coast. Located a stones throw from the historic Southwick (Motocross 338) national motocross track, the blood lines run deep in the SBK Family and you’re welcome to join.

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Risk Racing

Everything is Sweetened by Risk

Let us help you become the best with the most innovative products on the market.

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TrueMX (TMX) is a small, family owned company located in Western Pennsylvania, with a passion and dedication to motorsports. Our mission is to offer quality, affordable race wear products to racers, freestyle competitors, and recreational riders. Through our Amateur Support Program, we are able to provide support to riders of all ages and skill levels. One of the biggest challenges for amateur competitors is the financial burden associated with this great sport. Our “fix” to this is to be able to offer the highest quality products at great discounts to our support riders. Visit the Amateur Support page to apply online!

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Twin Air

Twin Air filters and accessories have stayed ahead of the competition for half a century. Today they are available for all Motocross and ATV vehicles, and distributed worldwide. Twin Air filters are OEM-specified for 20+ motorcycle companies, and the official air filter of American Honda and Suzuki, Kawasaki Racing Team, Suzuki Geboers, Honda Martin and Honda CAS, KTM Red Bull, and many other teams. It remains the choice of more World & National Champions than all other filters combined.

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Leading Manufacturer in Motocross Safety Vest Technology! Direct Manufacturer with 50 years in Product Development.

Same Material used in Bullet Proof Vest … protection against both serious and minor injury among motorsports participants.

The primary function of the Safety Vest is to improve performance and confidence.

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Forma Performing Boots

There is something amazing about Forma motorcycle boots…

The quality is world class, and you will love the comfort and durability of these boots!

Racers use Forma boots from club racing to world championship level!

Forma puts the quality and control back into your riding!

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