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What Erika Born and the MX Zen community has done for the sport of motocross is truly amazing!!! The platform that MX Zen has given to the young riders of the sport is something that can’t be matched!!! From the overall exposure for the lil rippers, to the tips for marketing your rider, to the family atmosphere and support that MX Zen has created makes me proud to be a part of something special!! What I love most about MX Zen is is the one stop shop for all things motocross. Whether you have a bike question, looking for race info, or want to follow the live timing of national/regional events, it can all be found here. My son only personally knows a couple of the kids involved but loves following all of their progress, looking at the pics and videos, and cheering them on because he feels part of a team. That is what I love about motocross, it’s an individual sport where these kids compete their hearts out on the track for one spot, but at the end of the day they are all best friends doing what they love the most. And MX Zen has taken that to a whole new level!!!

Reggie Mcfadden

I absolutely Love that Mason and I decided to join MxZen!!  He has been racing since he was 3 years old… and I never really felt like I (me more than him) was a part of the sport! Mainly because I’ve personally never participated! However when I met Erika Born at a qualifier at Birch Creek things changed! I could honestly feel her compassion and love of the sport in the sound of her voice! Her love for not only the sport but EVERYONE that participates (winner or not). She gave me very good information! So after the race and getting home we joined! Obviously all the perks such as the discounts etc, are a plus but.. these things are very small perks compared to the biggest thing MxZen has offered us. We feel a part, we feel supported, we are conveniently able to keep up with kids his age that encounter the same things he does (on and off the track). For us being in the group. and feeling like family with those who live lives similar to ours and the support its way more than worth it!! No matter what incentive your looking for, whether its discounts, support, good information….whatever it is… i suggest you look into MxZen! You will seriously be doing yourself a huge favor!!

We love MxZen!!

Kimberly Raynor
Mason Raynor (aka Razor Raynor #713)

Anyone who has participated in the sport of motocross is familiar with the term “motocross family”. Its something that is inevitably created by a close knit community with common purpose, goal, culture, and framework. I understood MX Zen to be rider based marketing platform to quickly raise visibility to a young rider who ultimately benefits from Erika Borns first had experience over the years. What I found is something all together different. Yes it is a marketing platform, but more so a Motocross Family beyond any other I have experienced. Do I benefit from rider vendor discounts, marketing, and industry experience, yes. But the true value is within the community that has been created and centralized within the MX Zen borders. Its truly unique and something special.

James Rowell
Dimension Data - Cloud Solutions Business Unit

MXZen is the future of youth Motocross and sports in general. This company cares about the individual character of each rider. MXZen knows the way of life that each rider lives and they celebrate each step of the way based on the child’s growth no matter what level they are at. MXZen builds confidence, character, education but most of all the mental stability of each rider. They know the mental strength that this sport entails and they support their riders wholeheartedly through every aspect. MXZen encompasses the whole child and works with parents to become the child’s very first and best advocate within the sport. 

Eileen Carter-Campos

Roman loves being part of MX Zen and seeing all of his teammates social media results and supporting them. Learning how to market him in this industry has been a great tool and the key to him learning the importance of not just riding but supporting others. From the time he has joined MX Zen Roman’s focus and excitement about motocross has improved immensely, he is back to the confident rider he was last year at this time!

Roman White
MX Zen Member

My son has visual perception and he has to work harder then most when it comes to riding. He isn’t a top rider and the nice thing about mxzen is they treat all their riders the same and make all these children feel special. My son tells everyone how he is a mxzen rider and that they are the best.

Lisa Gray
Moto Mom

I don’t have much experience with Mxzen with us being new members but I can say that the sense of unity among members is amazing.  People that don’t know each other come together to encourage other children and families with motocross and come together to pray for healing when something tragic happens.  It’s good to see an organization come together for the sake of motocross and today’s youth.

Desiree Gower
Mom of Carter Gower #610

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