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MX Zen’s Ambassadors

Eileen Carter-Campos

MX Zen Blogger

My name is Eileen Carter-Campos. I am the mother of two boys and married to my high school sweetheart. Speed is in our blood so it’s no surprise we are a motocross familia! An educator with a Master’s In Early Childhood Education, I support anything that entails children. I support the sport of motocross because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what place you come in, what matters is that you’re having fun and learning along the way. It’s a phenomenal sport that allows families to come together and spend that quality time that is needed from day to day.

Jennifer Barbier

Community Outreach Program and MX Zen Blogger

I have an amazing hubby and 2 beautiful boys Daniel age 11 and Aiden age 7. Aiden is the main reason I am now a part of MX zen. We are super excited to start this journey in the MX world. I am the new safety/health awareness ambassador. Aiden has ADHD, learning disabilities, and Tourette's. We have walked a rough road these first 7 years and we have lot more to go. I am excited to help other families navigate these things using what I have learned through these years. I will also start a weekly blog for Aidens journey along with other MX Zen members.

Karen Taylor

Director, MX Zen New Zealand

My name Is Karen Taylor, most people call me Kaz. I am a mother of 3, two of which ride motocross. Becoming the ambassador for Mx Zen New Zealand has given me the opportunity to create a NZ team, and help them have more exposure on social media, and hopefully gain some support and sponsors to help with their MX journey. I enjoy watching my boys race, and have the most wonderful, supportive husband who is Dad/mechanic/coach all in one. Can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Tammy White

Programs & Assistant to Erika

I am the motomom of 4 children with 3 that race and the 4th is too young to, but enjoys being at the track. I enjoy being able help in a sport that my children and husband love. My background ranges from Executive Business Support, Project Management and Human Resources.

Lisa Nussbaum

Social Media

I am a motomom, community builder & leader. Motocross is my life because I believe in our youth & their drive in such a competitive sport. In spiring our child athletes to believe in themselves makes them a true champion regardless what place they end in once that checkered flag comes down.

Jennifer Cashdollar

Member Support

I am a moto-mom of 4 children, 2 of whom race. Throughout the 4 years of racing I managed my son Jayce Cashdollars social media on my own in an attempt to gain more exposure and gain more sponsors but I did lack in knowledge of what sponsors were actually looking for. I put in all this time but did anyone really know who my son was?

I begin my job as an ambassador for MxZen because I feel every child deserves to feel special whether their a local or national level rider.

Kevin Fardeau-Pagliero

Social Media

Kevin started radio, at 15 years old in a local fm where he was in charge of a radio show about young artists (Actors, Singers) 3 years later, he moved to the capital, Paris, where he started Journalism Studies with success. During this time, he worked as a Sport/Music Manager and Casting Director through various associations. One of his projects was booking Justin Bieber 2 years before his first song was released. He has the passion and gift of seeing the potential in the youth. Kevin is now the Executive Marketing Director at MX Zen

Erika Born

MX Zen, Founder

Erika is a passionate digital strategist, business coach, vlogger and blogger. She is a self proclaimed App Addict and software junkie. After running her own successful online business she now focuses on working with people who have a desire to build a business and a life based on what they love.

Mentor and advocate, passionate MotoMom, and believer that there has "to be an easier way"!!! So she will find it, the easier way, and then help people. Her focus is youth motocross, Privateers, and her family.

Empowering others is one of the most important acts of kindness one can do for his fellow man.

Life is good.

Follow Erika on all of her sites by clicking HERE.

Harold Lupogan

CoFounder & Designer of MX Zen

Harold is a newly certified MX Zen dad! He is a graphic design practitioner for over 6 years already, he is behind all graphic, web design and development stuff of MX Zen.

He loves working with MX Zen as he noticed most design and marketing stuff from the riders and to some sponsors are still need to enhance. He wants to make a difference for the riders to help achieved their goals by creating a good design that really works.

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